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The Eco Warrior Awards 2014
Date:9th October 2014
Venue: The Carnivore
Theme: Responsible tourism is #WhyILoveKenya

Which Eco-Warrior are you? | How to participate | How to register | Who is sponsoring the awards?

Ecotourism Kenya will hold its 8th Edition of the Eco-Warriors Award Ceremony Gala Night on Thursday 9th October 2014. 

Eco-Warrior Awards recognize efforts, innovations and exceptional achievements for promoting responsible tourism and enhancing tourism sustainability which directly conserves the natural environment linked to local communities (either credible individuals or groups) through mutually beneficial and equitable partnerships. Nature conservation through community development by tourism is the essence of ecotourism.

Therefore, the awards aim to celebrate ecotourism best practises in different tourism sectors and tourism set ups in Kenya. The general criteria are given for each category below. Potential nominees for each category must demonstrate clearly elements of responsible, respectful and sustainable tourism.

Which Eco-Warrior are you?

This is your chance to get recognized! Fill in the nd return using the addresses indicated below

The Eco-Warrior award categories includes:

  • Conservancy of the Year : Conservancies with operational organizational structures and sustainable management systems; the conservancies should have viable and active nature conservation programs and credible benefit sharing schemes with land owners, observing equity and reliability. This category has two awards

    a. Private conservancy (for privately owned conservancies)
    b. Community conservancy (community-owned nature conservancies)

  • Ecotourism Enterprise of the Year : A tourism enterprise or operator with an on-going environmental conservation program linked to local people and their communities (even through the supply chain system) or under Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). This category has 6 awards as follows:

    a. Accommodation
        i) Lodge
        ii) Tented Camp
    b. Community Based Tourism Organization
    c. Tour Operator
    d. Airline

  • Eco-Rated Facility of the Year: Are you an eco-rated facility? Then send in your nomination under this category via e-mail explaining why your facility should be the eco-rated facility of the year 2014. The eco-rating technical committee will reconsider your nomination based on the existing records and information at hand in EK.
  • Ecotourism Guide of the Year 2014: Are you a certified guide, preferably KPSGA certified, who is passionate about conservation and engaging communities and shares this with his tourists. Or have you experienced such a guide; you can nominate them or yourself for this award.
  • Ecotourism Partnership of the Year: Recognizes the most outstanding partnership between, a tourism investor or enterprise and a local community purposely for tourism business promotion. The partnership can be of any age but should show elements of fair trade, mutual respect and sustainability.
    1. Community-Investor
    2. Public-Private
  • Ecotourism Journalist of the Year: Recognise a journalist who has contributed to a better understanding of the value and benefits of ecotourism and the promotion of best tourism practices through journalism and mass media in general.
  • Ecotourism Student Innovation Award: A student who has initiated or demonstrated strong leadership in an innovative project, product, or program that advocates for uniting tourism, communities and conservation
  • Ecotourism Training Program of the Year: Recognises the most outstanding ecotourism educational package offered by a training institution in the country at the moment.
  • Ecotourism Student Host Organization of the Year 2014: Recognizes an enterprise that has portrayed exceptional effort at mentoring and hosting internship students and empowering them with skill to venture into the tourism industry.

How to participate:

Step 1: Nomination

Ecotourism Kenya is invited all interested parties, members of the public, tourism industry organizations and development NGOs to nominate one entity or individuals in each category who exemplifies best practice examples in tourism and sustainable development. The nominated organizations do not necessarily need be members of Ecotourism Kenya but must be based in or conducting business in Kenya.

Ecotourism Kenya members based outside Kenya qualify for nomination. Self nominations are accepted. The nomination form is available at the Ecotourism Kenya offices or can be downloaded from the website

Step 2: Application

All nominations must be submitted through a filled in nomination form, with a written confirmation and acceptance of the nominee, to Ecotourism Kenya via email to before Friday 29th August, 2014. Once submitted, applicants consents text, photos, links, and references for any advertising, promotions, or publicity purposes Ecotourism Kenya deems proper but in line with the award.

Step 3: Judging the applications

Ecotourism Kenya will have a panel of experts to review and prepare the list of finalists. This group of experts will be drawn from both the public and private sector.

Step 4: Awards

The nominees list will be published on the Ecotourism Kenya website, Naturals magazine and the monthly e-shots. The winners are announced during the Gala Dinner ceremony

Keep watch for more updates

How To Register:

To register please visit to make your reservation

Category Charges Individual
Charges Table of 5
Charges Table of 10
Members Kshs. 4,000 Kshs. 18,000 Kshs. 36,000
Non-Members Kshs. 5,500 Kshs. 25,000 Kshs. 50,000

Contact Details:

Ecotourism Kenya

Contact Person: Kate Owino

Telephone: 020 257 4059

Mobile Number: 0726 366 080

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